Create a lasting Impression for your Customers with Cielo 3D Structures

A Cielo Ceilings 3D structure is a 3D frame that is enveloped in a special PVC-based membrane. There are no restrictions to the 3D frame’s shape, dimension, color, and finish, and the membrane is used to give the entire installation an appealing smooth and glossy look. A 3D installation can carry a printed image, be translucent or opaque, have backlight, and can even serve as the main illumination source for a room.

3D structures of this nature can be seen in large public spaces, offices, schools, swimming pools, exhibition halls and conference centers, art museums, and myriad other locales. The flexibility of stretch ceiling technology gives an architect or interior designer the freedom to unleash their creativity, resulting in an endless variety of unique shapes and structures. 3D stretch ceiling installations are lightweight, simple to install, and easy to maintain. A 3D stretch ceiling structure is always an unforgettable focal point and will make any space extraordinary.

A 3D structure created via stretch ceiling technology immediately transforms what was once just another office into a vibrant and exciting place to work. Installations of this type have already proven to be a significant contributing factor in increasing workplace productivity. It has been reliably established by several researchers that over time, flat, monotonous rectangular walls and ceilings facilitate drowsiness, while work productivity grows in an environment that has pillars, alcoves, or decorative wall panels. 3D stretch ceiling structures revitalize the mood in an office and heighten work efficiency just as effectively as any architectural enhancements.

A distinct feature of a 3D installation is that it’s always one of a kind. A car dealership, department store, restaurant, or hotel that has a 3D stretch ceiling installation is guaranteed to create a lasting impression, making customers more likely to return. For this reason, the tougher the competition in a certain field, the more frequently 3D installations are found in the business locations.

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