Several Textures and over 260 Colors available to create a Visual no one will forget

Colors and textures are important parts of all ceiling and wall designs. The shape and volume of CIELO Stretch Ceilings and Wall Prints is defined by the shape of the aluminum profiles (tracks) inside or behind the membrane or canvas. These profiles are usually invisible to the outside viewer. The visible part of the product is the membrane or canvas, which envelopes the tracks. The most commonly used membrane material is a vinyl (PVC) film. Such film may have a glossy, satin, brushed suede, or matte surface finish. The color palettes for each type of stretch technology products are presented in the following images. Translucent membrane is also available to create a backlit effect.

Our most popular palette: The glossy colors.
Matte, satin and high gloss membranes are available in over 260 colors. Canvas-textured and translucent films have smaller color palettes because they are often digitally printed, and gain their color that way. This image is for illustration purpose only; we invite you to contact us and schedule a meeting to see the products and materials that are available. Light reflectance of the membrane varies from 81% (white matte), to 10% (dark blue glossy or bronze).

The material used for CIELO Stretch Ceilings can have smooth continuous surface, or they can be perforated. Seven available types of perforation include: circular aperture with diameter 0.01mm, 0.1mm, 0.15mm, 0.2mm, 0.28mm, square windows with 4.5mm side, and special acoustic perforation with 0.02mm punctures. Custom perforation for utilizing the backlighting effects is also available on demand.