Cielo Stretch Ceiling Tiles, perfect alternative to a boring Dropped Ceiling

CIELO Stretch Ceiling tiles are created using a high quality stretch ceiling membrane that is stretched into a durable aluminum profile frame. They can either be ordered in large quantities to cover an entire ceiling, or they can serve as a stand-alone aesthetic statement, installed in limited quantities into a regular dropped ceiling support system (T-bar) to complement existing acoustic ceiling tiles. They are available in a variety of shapes, colors, and textures, providing you with an infinite amount of combinations that can be used to create a completely unique visual effect. Incorporating CIELO Stretch Ceiling tiles enhanced with a printed image is as close as you can get to having a renaissance-style fresco in your home, without hiring a professional artist. Using CIELO Stretch Ceiling tiles to create an authentic impression of a beautiful stained glass window or stunning mosaic is an incredibly easy task using this exclusive product. The opportunities are endless with CIELO Stretch Ceiling tiles and the result will undoubtedly be spectacular.

Small details in an interior living space can make as strong of an impact as an entire ceiling, wall, or floor covering, and adding the right ones can be as effective as a complete room makeover. CIELO Stretch ceiling tiles are among the most effective options for lending a room that perfect touch. They can even boost the visual appeal of a room’s lightning, acting as a glamorous accent to a chandelier or scattering the light in a restaurant, giving it a soft glow and producing a romantic ambiance.

A fantastic feature of using CIELO Stretch Ceiling tiles as a component in a room or interior living space is that they do not change the atmosphere dramatically. If you want to complement your home or office with a few memorable details but wish to keep the overall sensation intact, stretch ceiling tiles are the ideal choice. Combining stylish CIELO Stretch Ceiling tiles with a gypsum, wood, brick, or stone background will change the rhythm of visual reception and break up the numbing feel of a large flat uniform surface. As a result, the room will look bigger, more interesting, elegant, and vibrant.

Apart from beautifying your home or office, CIELO Stretch Ceiling tiles will provide the same advantages of a full stretch ceiling or decorative wall print. They reduce dust accumulation, conceal surface defects, help fight allergies, and save energy.

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