Through the Services we offer, we help Others achieve their Goals

Cielo Ceilings specializes in the sale and professional installation of stunning stretch ceilings and technology related products. From design to production, Cielo Ceilings is committed to completing projects with the highest quality and most importantly within budget and on time.

Our services include:

  • Initial project meeting or discussion
  • Presentation of the products, colors, texture and finishes available
  • High level assessment of the environment and space in which the installation will take place
  • Room or space measurement and triangulation
  • Agreement on the product, color, texture and finish desired
  • Preparation and delivery of a professional estimate presenting the investment required for the project
  • Agreement signature (requires deposit from the client)
  • Product order confirmation by Cielo Ceilings
  • Reception of products and delivery of the material at the installation site
  • Professional and clean installation of the products ordered based on the specifications outlined in the agreement
  • Inspection with the client to ensure total satisfaction
  • Final payment by the client

Important information regarding the installation:

Stretch ceilings or decorative wall panels do not require extensive installation effort. The only preparation requirement that it applies to the house structure is that walls, ceiling or roof, and electrical wiring has to be finished before installation starts. The post-installation cleaning is not required, as stretch ceiling does not use adhesive materials, cement, paint, etc. The process of installing the stretch ceiling products is streamlined and simple. The stretch ceiling membranes are usually extended by approximately 6% during the installation process. This guarantees that the membrane will remain flat and will not sag.


The installation requires some special equipment, which includes spatulas, clamps, air heater, and enforcement rings. Spatulas are used for attaching or detaching the stretch ceiling membrane to the track. Supplementary tools and equipment are clamps and air heater, which are used during the preparation of the installation, and translucent rings, which are used to reinforce stretch ceiling around pipes or light fixtures.

Cielo Ceilings installation specialists will need to bring the temperature in the room to 40-450C (104-1100F).  It is also recommended to eliminate any air draft in the room during the process of installation, and to close all the sources of the cold air.

Normally the entire installation process takes about two hours for completion, and leaves no waste behind.

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