Sole Distributor of Laqfoil Stretch Ceilings and Wall Prints in the Area

Cielo Ceilings specializes in the design, sales and professional installation of Stretch Ceiling Technology.  This state of the art ceiling concept has been extremely popular in Europe for over three decades and is quickly gaining popularity and momentum in Canada and across North America.

Cielo Ceilings is the only authorized distributor and certified installer of stretch ceilings manufactured by Laqfoil, America’s leading manufacturer of Stretch Ceilings and technologically related products in the Gatineau and Ottawa area. It utilizes European design technology to bring beautiful ceilings and technologically related wide format prints to home or business.

Home owners, architects, designers, builders, investors, and corporations can use our elegant ceiling and wall products to beautify and modernize their interiors.

Through our partnership with Laqfoil, we offer an incredibly varied selection of colours and finishes, and a vast variety of printed options in Stretch Ceilings and wall products. Services offered include turn-key design, production, delivery, and installation of strong, light, and durable products that’s backed by a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.  Stretch Ceilings are soundproof, flame, water, mould, and fungus resistant, that save energy and reduce the carbon footprint of homes and businesses. They are also fully certified under the National Building Codes of Canada and the U.S., and widely used in both, residential as well as commercial applications.

We offer a quick, cost-effective installation with a minimal amount of mess and dust or disruption to your space.

For more information or to request an estimate for your exciting project, please contact us at your earliest convenience.